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Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela
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Education support for vulnerable children
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Provide an appropriate learning environment
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Raise awareness about the importance of education
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Provide a safe environment for children
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Youth training and volunteers
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Providing study and living requirements for children
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Alef initiative

An educational initiative for a better future for vulnerable groups in Iraq

"Alef Initiative: Empowering Iraq's Vulnerable. We provide free education, social support, and economic opportunities to orphaned and underprivileged children and youth, creating a brighter future for Iraq."

Alef initiative

Our services

The Alef initiative provides a variety of services to support vulnerable groups in Iraqi society. Among the services provided by the initiative

Economic support service and projects

Economic support service and projects The economic support service and projects provided by the “Alef” initiative for orphaned and needy families...

Training service

Training service The youth training service within the “Alef” initiative aims to rehabilitate youth from vulnerable groups...

Literacy centers

Literacy centers The service of literacy centers within the “Alef” initiative is an important part of the efforts...

Social support service

Social Support Service The social support service provided by the “Alef” initiative for orphaned and needy families and their children aims...

Family education support service

Family Education Support Service The family education support service provided by the “Alef” initiative for orphaned and needy families...

Educational centers

Educational centers The free education centers of the “Alef” initiative are considered a key point in providing support and education...

Educational centers
The number of children So far
Young people who have been trained
Women in literacy programs

Support and donate to the initiative

Support is directed to open educational centers for orphaned and needy children in areas that suffer from an urgent need for such centers. The necessary infrastructure and resources are provided to operate the centers and provide a suitable learning environment for children

Alef initiative

The Alef Initiative was established in 2017 and is an initiative that works to support vulnerable groups in Iraqi society by providing free education to orphaned children, children of needy families, and displaced persons, in addition to children living in areas that have been subjected to war conflicts. The initiative also aims to provide job opportunities for young people of the same category in the education sector. The initiative is registered as one of the initiatives of the Bonyan Organization for Development and Education in Iraq. Bonyan Organization for Development and Education is a non-governmental organization registered with the Iraqi Department of Non-Governmental Organizations under the number (1SE2204022)​

Alef initiative

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Founder and CEO of the initiative: Hasan Azeez

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